Indonesia Government Hearing

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On February 26th, Mwamba’s CSO, Alex McComb, participated as a keynote speaker at the GOLD-ISMIA Project’s International Seminar of Knowledge Sharing.


The seminar focussed on Indonesia’s Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASGM) sector and key challenges faces by ASGM communities in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was attended by over 100 participants including members of the National and Sub-national government, artisanal miners, local mining entrepreneurs, universities, and various stakeholders in Indonesian ASGM. Alex introduced participants to Mwamba’s decentralized ore-processing model and the WAZI platform. MIA Project focuses on eliminating the use of mercury in Indonesian ASGM, one of the world’s largest ASGM economies.

WAZI Pilot

Mercury eradication is the priority of the planetGOLD program. PlanetGOLD and its country programs are exploring creative avenues to help ASGM’s access cyanide processing technologies. This focus makes WAZI attractive to country programs, such as Indonesia’s GOLD-ISMIA program, interested in creating ore-marketplaces like that which Mwamba is building in Tanzania. WAZI solves for the challenges which have traditionally impeded the success of centralized processing solutions, offering new hope to an old idea.

Dr. Krisnayanti, Indonesia’s planetGOLD nation program manager, advocates for WAZI as a means of overcoming trust barriers that have negated the efficacy of Indonesia’s explorations of cyanide processing solutions. Mwamba is in discussions to implement a WAZI pilot with Indonesia’s GOLD-ISMIA program once the technology is ready for deployment.

Eduard Cornew

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