Imara Project

Imara project is a for-profit joint venture with the University of Dar Es Salaam’s Mineral Resources Institute (UDSM-MRI) to reopen Resolute’s former Golden Pride Mine at its Nzega Campus

At Imara, our innovation is building large scale mines that service the needs of all mining interests- small and large, local and foreign. In a groundbreaking partnership, Mwamba has joined forces with the University of Dar es Salaam’s Mineral Resource Institute (UDSM-MRI). This collaboration centers on extensive exploration at the UDSM-MRI campus, formerly Resolute Mining’s Golden Pride Mine, and its surrounding terrains under prospecting licenses granted to Mwamba Mining. This partnership ensures shared expertise and resources, facilitating more effective mining operations, local capacity development and community outreach.


Our vision

The Imara Project stands as a beacon of innovation and forward-thinking in Tanzania’s burgeoning large-scale gold mining sector. At Imara, we blend the expertise of foreign and local mining interests with pioneering technologies, championing a holistic approach that benefits the environment, local communities, and the Tanzanian economy.


Mining Assets

Location: Situated in the Nzega greenstone belt, a mineral-rich region of northern Tanzania.

Infrastructure: Mwamba plans to construct a 1000tpd processing plan inside the retired Golden Pride Mine facilities located on the UDSM-MRI Nzega campus, graduating to a 2,000tpd facility in early production. Legacy infrastructure present on site bolsters the economic feasibility of the venture:

  • Surveyed Secured Fenced Site owned by National Government
  • Concrete Base & Sheds for the processing plant
  • 5MW of Grid Power with transformers in place
  • Plant water pond
  • Haulage Roads
  • Tailings Dam
  • Waste Dump Stockpiles
  • Accommodation, camp facilities with reticulated water & power

Adjacencies: Nearby, privately owned Kadidi and Extension Resources totaling 270,000 oz in mineable reserves, present the opportunity for local participation and immediate production.


Key Features

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: Integrating TOMRA’s sensor-based ore sorting system, the Imara Project is poised to redefine the benchmarks of mining efficiency, ensuring optimal yield with minimal wastage.
  2. Sustainability: Our planned operations are characterized by reduced water and energy consumption, aligned with our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.
  3. Educational Impact: Partnering with UDSM-MRI provides training and hands-on experience for students and staff, ensuring the development of skills in line with industry standards.
  4. Community Engagement: At the Imara Project, the community is our cornerstone. Employment and partnership opportunities, infrastructural development, and active community participation are integral to our operations.


Future Prospects

The horizon looks promising for the Imara Project. Our multi-national team is proactively scouting for technological advancements, partnerships, and community initiatives to ensure the project remains at the cutting edge of mining industry.


Get Involved

Be it as an investor, a student, a community representative, or someone who believes in sustainable mining, Mwamba welcomes you with open arms. Join us in our endeavor to reshape the Tanzanian mining industry

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