Mwamba is transforming the face of artisanal and small‑scale gold mining

Mwamba helps artisanal miners discontinue toxic mercury processing by providing them with access to clean and efficient processing technology.



We offer miners liquidity by purchasing their ore on its measured gold content, enabling them to transition away from mercury processing methods

Most artisanal miners use mercury because it is the cheapest way to separate the gold from the ore. This processing method only allows for 30% of the gold to be extracted, compared with 98% for modern techniques.

We transfer the ore to our industrial processing facilities where the gold is safely extracted

Industrial "Carbon in Pulp" processing works in several steps. First, the gold is dissolved out of the ore using a caustic solution. Once in solution, gold is captured using ultraporous activated carbon. At this point, "loaded carbon" is placed in an elution cell where the gold is liberated and electroplated onto a collection medium.

Mwamba exports and sells gold produced directly to reputable buyers around the world

Our social objectives run parallel to those of the Tanzanian government, allowing us to acquire the necessary permits & licenses to mine, process and export gold. We work with trusted buyers internationally, and provide documentation that the gold is mercury-free and conflict-free.

Our supply chain is more direct, traceable, and efficient than traditional artisanal gold supply chains

Existing artisanal gold supply chains rely on middlemen to aggregate the supply. This dynamic funnels artisanal gold into black markets, reducing it's market value and diluting profits seen by miners.
gravity separation
mercury processing
foreign dealer
final buyer

Modern processing technology is more clean and efficient than mercury based methods

modern processing
safe and contained
90%+ recovery
mercury processing
30% recovery

We build trust in mining communities by working directly with miners, community leaders, and regulators

Our founding team, advisors, and partners include native Tanzanians and community leaders who are respected and trusted by miners.

Together we develop traditional mines in partnership with local stakeholders, using our industrial facilities to process the ore of neighboring artisanal miners.