Processing Aid

In line with the Tanzanian Government’s initiative, Mwamba is at the forefront of empowering Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM) communities. The Tanzanian ASGM sector, legalized in 1995, is in its nascent stages, and the Mining Policy Reform of 2010 further bolstered opportunities in the sector. Mwamba’s objective is to nurture this sector, addressing unmet needs, by introducing processing centers that assist smaller operations in the production of gold.

Amplifying ASM Revenue

Mwamba recognizes the immense growth potential of the Tanzanian ASM sector, which contributes approximately 31 percent of the Tanzania’s annual gold production despite the ~30% gold yield of pervasive mercury processing methods. Leveraging the toll milling model’s financial advantages, Mwamba’s ongoing project – a 120-t/d gold processing plant in Geita – aims to elevate the entire ASM ecosystem through access to modern processing technologies with 90%+ gold yield. Mwamba is set to establish multiple processing locations, with a keen eye on community development, technical training, and safety.

Innovating for Environmental Responsibility

Mwamba’s principal innovation lies in addressing the critical challenge of mercury reliance in ASGM. As the world’s largest contributor to mercury pollution, ASGM communities release over 1400 tonnes of mercury annually. This has devastating repercussions on the environment and human health. Mwamba’s initiative eradicates the need for miners to process independently using mercury by purchasing ore- not gold.

Data-backed  Proof of Concept

In February 2023, Mwamba embarked on a rigorous ore purchasing program, collating critical data on ore availability, grade, and market dynamics. This process was strengthened by specialized ore pick-up trucks designed by Mwamba, ensuring efficient ore sampling and procurement. Central to Mwamba’s success is building a strong relationship with the artisanal community. Progressive “No-mercury, No Child Labour” agreements solidify this trust.

Site Selection and Background

Mwamba’s meticulous strategy rests on a comprehensive site selection process. Focusing on Geita and Kahama districts, Mwamba employed data-driven methodologies to identify high-yield sites for ore processing intervention. Addressing the challenges of mercury amalgamation, Mwamba aligns with state initiatives, like STAMICO’s transformative programs, to drive modern, safe, and efficient mining practices.

Promoting Ethical Mining

Ethical mining is paramount. Mwamba conducts business ethics audits to ensure that partnered mines are compliant. This enables gold produced to be sold at full market value on reputable platforms.

Get Involved

Be it as an investor, a student, a community representative, or someone who believes in sustainable mining, Mwamba welcomes you with open arms. Join us in our endeavor to transform the Tanzanian artisanal gold mining industry.

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