Nzega Land Position

As part of Mwamba’s joint venture with UDSM-MRI, Mwamba as well as UDSM-MRI staff and students will conduct extensive exploration campaigns on the Golden Pride property as well as the surrounding ~369 square kilometers prospecting licenses owned by Mwamba Mining.  Up to date, the Nzega Gold Belt is the least explored Greenstone belt in the lake zone due to the presence of the thick lake sediment cover. 

Mwamba’s ~369 square kilometer land position is comprised of 17 prospecting licenses are located within Nzega Greenstone Belt which is part of the Major Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt. 

All licenses were granted to Mwamba Mining Limited on 8th September 2022 by the Executive Secretary of the Mining Commission. 


We are currently updating the details of our prospecting licenses, and look forward to sharing them with you shortly.

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